In a Meeting
Research & Plan

Determine the rebrand scope and budget, scenario plan and model ‘high level’ costs for various approaches to launch and rollout, identify opportunities to reduce signage costs and prepare rebrand programme plan and timeline. Conduct site surveys to capture fact based information (, videos, key dimensions and condition reports) as well as subjective information - suitability of the current signage.

Design & Document

Produce site documentation to show existing signage and proposed signage as well as brand treatments for each site. Develop technical signage specifications for site specific signs in accordance with the clients signage guidelines.

Prepare full construction documentation (if required) for the construction of signs including materials, finishes and manufacturing processes. 

Approvals & Certfications

Assess the need for, and obtain, all relevant council permits, council approvals, building certificates & engineer certifications. 

Seek owners/landlord consent (if required) for proposed works. 


Finalise procurement strategy and prepare a Request for Quotation (RFQ) Pack which combines all drawings, construction documentation and contractual obligations. Release RFQ to select vendors, review all RFQ submissions and conduct post tender interviews. Present recommendations back to the client and authorise contractor(s) to proceed.


Attend contractor(s) meetings, quality control the manufacture of all items, coordinate work onsite [incl. removal of all existing signage, electrical works, preparation and painting (if applicable) and replacement or installation of all new signage]. Regularly manage communication of rebrand progress with project stakeholders, manage and supervise work onsite to ensure compliance and adherence to project timelines.

Close Out

Inspect the quality of the works of all third parties, issue and manage a defect list (if necessary) for remedial works, attend to defects and issue CPCs (Certificate of Practical Completion) when satisfied. Approve contractors invoices on behalf of the client and lastly, review and compile completion reports. 



We have been in the industry for over 20 years.

Brand identity is in our DNA from our team's wealth of experience as signage designers, manufacturers , installers, project managers & builders.  We do not just understand the industry but the way to mitigate the challenges that are faced with a multi site national rollout / reimage.


We partner with client teams, branding agencies, retail designers and architects to bring to fruition their design intent through detailed and well executed implementation.

Together we work to plan, map, collate, source and deliver.  

We manage all components of a project from research and planning through to site surveys, design development, documentation, approvals and procurement. We also manage the onsite works: handling contractors, installation and the more arduous aspects of project delivery.




Signage Upgraded


Sites Rebranded


Project Team


Design Team


Stellar Corporate Solutions recently completed the rebranding of 698 Caltex sites with the addition of Woolworths Rewards & Redemption signage.

This project was managed from concept to completion & with our wealth of corporate branding experience the programme was completed on budget & ahead of schedule.



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